Experience the thrill of racing through the tree-lined streets of downtown Rock Island as thousands of spectators cheer you on.

Motorsports fans across the nation know if it’s Labor Day Weekend, it’s time for the Rock Island Grand Prix, one of the premier professional karting events in the world!!

Drivers from coast to coast representing 35 states, Canada, Mexico, France, Colombia, England, Poland, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bermuda, Italy, Poland and the Philippines have participated in the largest karting street race in the world and one of the largest and most popular kart racing events in North America.

The practice / heat race / feature race format puts everyone on equal footing. With the track not complete until Friday night, there is no opportunity for advance practice. Several layers of fence and barriers on the interior and exterior of each corner, backed by larger plastic barriers make the Rock Island street course one of the safest in the world.

The Rock Island Grand Prix combines the thrill of professional racing with the energy of a District festival event weekend on the shores of the Mississippi River.  The Rock Island Grand Prix is simply the most fun you will have in karting – both on and off the track.

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2019 Rock Island Grand Prix Race Classes

* Yamaha Heavy Final 1
* Yamaha Heavy Final 2 (same tires)
* Yamaha Medium
* Briggs CIK bodywork
* Briggs Heavy Final 1
* Briggs Heavy Final 2 (same tires)
* Briggs Medium
* Briggs Masters
* Margay Ignite Senior Final 1
* Margay Ignite Senior Final 2 (same tires)
* Margay Ignite Masters
* TAG Senior
* IAME KA100
* King of Streets Open shifter
* 125 Open Shifter Final 2
* 125 Stock Honda
* 125 Masters Shifter
* Vintage Mac
* Vintage - Open
* Vintage - Yamaha


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Briggs LO206: Simple and dependable

Briggs & Stratton Racing is continuing to improve its products to meet the needs of their customers and the racing industry.

The result of polls, customer inquires, dealer and track owner requests led to the creation of a new, low-cost, entry-level racing engine from Briggs & Stratton. This racing engine can bring new racers into our sport and can be built as they progress in racing. It provides a proven engine raced out of the box with ease of maintenance on a level playing field.

The The Briggs & Stratton 206cc engine is designed to do just that. An engine based off of the Animal (an engine with proven durability and dependability) with simplified rules that can be added into any track program today. It's an entry-level engine that advances as you advance in racing.


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